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Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Keenstreet develop all websites to grasp the best 'organic' search ranking possible, based on your business.

We can also give you an appraisal on your ranking and undertake, organic search engine optimisation of your current website.

What is Organic SEO?

seo.jpgOrganic SEO (search engine optimisation), is the method of developing a website to improve the ranking within the search results, targeted to specific keyword phrases.

Organic search results are 'free', you don't pay the search engine such as Google's AdWords to appear in the search results page. The benefits of organic SEO can be seen for a long time after the initial development, alternatively paid ads stop working when you stop paying.

What does 'organic search' and ranking mean? Organic search is a search that returns results from pages indexed on the content and keyword relevancy. Which is in comparison to those listings ranked based on who paid the most money to appear at the top or the side of the 'google' page.

Sometimes this search result is called a 'pure' or a 'natural' search result because it's not 'tainted' by commercial payments.

Google have led the way in the use of 'natural and 'organic' search, because their primary focus has been on relevant results that are based on the content of the website. One of the best things in favour of having your site optimised as an 'organic' ranking is that it's 'free', and the results will show for quite a long time. You don't pay the search engines to rank your site,  it's ranked on the relevancy of your website.

While paid ads can play an important part in your marketing strategy, at the end of the day it is the organic search results that will more likely give you a greater number of visitors to your website, which results in more sales of your products.

A recent survey showed that people tend to trust organic results compared to sponsored listings, giving visitors who arrive from an 'organic search' a higher level of trust than paid ads.

However, if you are ranking well in the 'organic search' a ad could give you a 'slight edge'. And a down side to 'organic' searches is there is no guarantee that even with the best optimisation that your website will be on page one of the 'google' results, but it's fair to say without optimisation it won't be ranked well.

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