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Telemetry Solutions - Remote Data Collection (GPS Tracking)

Keenstreet have been working with the backend for GPS remote (and other) data collection GPS units for a number of years.

We are able to receive data from various devices, including GPS units. We store the records in a database and then display the records on a web page. The records on the webpage are presented as you require for your business.

The web page can be viewed privately via password and/or on a secure site (https), alternatively it can be viewed by the general public.

We configure our servers to work within a framework of many different protocols,  the display can be generic for small numbers of units or customised to your preferred layout,  for a large number of reporting units.

If you're looking to buy tracking devices either using a  satellite network, mobile telephone network or the landline telephone network the steps involved to get the data from your devices reporting to your web page,  can be accomplished in our highly configurable, easy to use system. We have the expertise and experience to interpret and display  your data entirely to your specification and language.

If you have devices that connect to the internet, we can handle different protocols for sending and receiving messages, and write our programme to use a variety of protocols depending on the unit and based on their intended purpose.

Different devices send quite different data and send it in different formats depending on their purpose. For example, GPS units  send position data (Latitude and Longitude) and often
speed, altitude, direction and other data. One format used by GPS devices is the RMC (Recommended Minimum Sentence)

The raw data looks like this:
$GPRMC,123519,A,4807.038, N,01131.000,E,022.4, 084.4,230394, 003.1,W*6A

The data is not of much use to most people in this form. We receive the data  from different devices and then interpret the messages.

Some devices send their messages in plain text, as the RMC (above) does, others send the data in a binary and or compressed form, often this is done  when the size of the message is important. If the method of sending the data costs a lot then the smaller the message is the better.

We are able to accommodate differing configurations on our 'pool of servers', to meet your needs.

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