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Organic Websites

What is an 'Organic Website'?

When I first starting hearing the term 'organic website' and 'organic search' I thought they were websites and searches for organically growing vegetables or other foods.

'Organic website design' is about bringing natural elements into the technological environment, of the website. It derives most of it's traffic (searches from search engines 'organically' (naturally).

At Keenstreet we have always taken a more natural approach to creating websites, leaving behind the overtly techno look in the early 2000s. It's the new age of organic design for websites, whether you have a subtle tone of nature or a totally natural design incorporating many of the wonderful things from nature, organic website design is the way ahead in website design.

What's 'Organic Traffic'?

Organic traffic to a website is visitors (traffic) that comes to you directly by typing the address into the address bar, search engine results (not paid for such as adwords) and links from other websites. Basically it is visitors coming from unpaid sources rather than paid advertising and paid links.

What is a sustainable website?

The term 'sustainable' is usually used in relation to products or lifestyle. One broad definition of a 'sustainable product' is an item or service that minimises its impact on the environment at each phase of its life cycle. We believe sustainable also applies to the design and development of our websites, where they are used successfully for many years by a client. We have only just re-designed a website initially designed in late 1997.

We generate more energy than we use, and any new software used is downloaded rather than arrive in packaging. We do not package our content management system, not any other service or product. We aim to be ever increasing in our sustainability in both our work and lives.

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