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Social Media

It seems that Social Media is on everyone's lips these days and the main reason is so many more people are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube for an enormous number of reasons.

We saw in the last elections both state and federally how social media was used to push through a message and how information is readily shared.

There is a two edged knife to social media, one it can give you more marketing power for no monetary outlay or two it can reek havoc with your brand.

There a many good reasons why today a large number of business should look at including social media in their online options, some include:

  1. Posts can drive buyers to your website.
  2. It can help your search engine ranking.
  3. Interaction with your customers.
  4. Problems with products or services can be sorted out quickly.
  5. Builds loyalty.
  6. Customers will find you.

For instance adding Facebook or Twitter for part of your marketing campaign, can give you the means to target pages of your website, for instance a product you want to highlight and then link back to your site's page.

One of the important things to remember about a Facebook or Twitter account is you need you or someone who knows your products/services to monitor on a daily basis, optionally several times per day. The main reason is so you can answer any questions or enquiries quickly.

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